Penury City: Light of Gabriel

What happens to society when its freedom is relinquished in the hope for security? What happens to a society when government leaders drive fear and uncertainty into the hearts and minds of its citizenry? What happens when Man puts his trust and faith in Man instead of a higher power? What happens when the moral code of a people becomes so lax that it defies nature itself?

From the original 30 pieces of silver paid to betray the One King, a single ancient coin survives destruction. This cursed shekel, bent on the annihilation of God’s people, seeks to lay its final web of deceit to claim victory over Earth. As secularism consumes the world in the year 2054, all references to God and faith have been removed from public life. Society sinks into the depths of narcissism, hatred and paranoia. All hope seems lost when the last defending Christian army is killed by American forces. Yet, there is a glimmer of hope – before the Zealots were murdered they created a sophisticated tunnel system providing an escape route to a rumored golden city built on faith and freedom. A group of people are led through these tunnels while guided by a strange light that takes them on a journey of faith and hope to obtain the promise of freedom.

I’m very excited to bring you the story of Penury City, which I have been working on since releasing Gubber’s Gate nearly three years ago. This three volume novel set begins with Light of Gabriel. It’s a cautionary tale about what happens to a world that is void of faith and begins flirting with the unchecked boundaries of Man. With secularism and relativism taking more and more control over society while at the same time driving the religious underground, a small group of zealot fighters begin a revolution. These Carroll Zealots carve out a narrow passage that allows people an escape from an overreaching wickedness. With time running out, a mysterious guide leads several groups of chosen people away from the corrupt world toward the promise of a new paradise; a rumored golden city of freedom and hope.

What will happen to these few individuals who refuse to give up the search for the golden city? Find out in Penury City as the search begins in the first volume Light of Gabriel.

~ thomas e


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