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3 Responses to Gubber’s Gate Reviews

  1. DRoyalte says:

    Inspirational. Courageous. Strong. Hopeful. There are so many ways to describe the family, and their true story, in this fascinating tale about brotherly love in the truest sense of the words. You will get to know this wonderful family, and share in their joy and sadness as they look to their Christian faith for guidance in dealing with an unfathomable loss. There are many plot twists, and I found myself anxious to see what the next chapter might bring.

  2. S Finger says:

    Gubber’s Gate is one of those rare pieces truly written from the heart and soul of the author. Being a true story with a bit of fiction, the author relives the loss of his siblings in such a way that you can’t help but feel connected to this loving and devoted family. The novel is so compelling I couldn’t put it down and the ending will leave you inspired and in tears. A must read!

  3. Judy Hagen says:

    Gubber’s Gate was a fantastic book! Several areas brought tears to my eyes while reading! The author did a great job keeping my interest. You can see that this book was written from the heart. Thank you Thomas for sharing some of your innermost thoughts!