Wounded Crow Publishing


The WCP, an intriguing name wouldn’t you say?

Unofficially, Wounded Crow Publishing got started in 2006 when I published a book titled ‘Wounded Crows Don’t Fly’.  It is a historical fiction piece about two brothers growing up on a farm during the World War II era. With moderate success, I continued to focus on my writing and the business of writing always looking to learn from others and improve.

In 2008, I lost both my brother and sister to diseases that strike down millions. I suppose that year was the turning point in my life. The point at which I became more aware of what it is I do and what I need to accomplish while I’m still here. While following the Christian faith, I search out the path that is placed before me. We strive to keep learning and searching out the way of Christ while also working to inspire others to seek Him out as well. If love is at the heart of all that Jesus taught, then it must be within all of us to push through obstacles in pursuit of that love.

thomas e.

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