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Penury City: Light of Gabriel   Penury City: Light of Gabriel – by thomas e

From the original 30 pieces of silver paid to betray the One King, a single ancient coin survives destruction. This cursed shekel, bent on the annihilation of God’s people, seeks to lay its final web of deceit to claim victory over Earth.

It’s the year 2054, all references to God and faith have been removed from public life. Society sinks into the depths of narcissism, hatred and paranoia. All seems lost when the last defending Christian army is killed by government forces.

Yet, still there is hope – the Zealots had created a sophisticated tunnel system, providing an escape route to a rumored golden city built on faith and freedom. A curious light guides several strangers on a journey of faith and hope, as they search for the promise of freedom.

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 Gubber’s Gate – by thomas e. 

Gubber's Gate by Thomas E

Gubber's Gate by Thomas E

Gubber’s Gate takes place against the backdrop of the city of Chicago. It is the story of a brother’s journey into the death of his siblings. Grief stricken, alone, and uncertain of his faith, he struggles through the promise of life after death. His scientific mind continuously battles his Christian heart in an epic debate of truth and spirituality. His only guide into the darkened abyss is a strange and sublime gate that he is sure is his mind’s unraveled peril.

This is a true story told under the cover of a fictional, warm blanket that brings the reader into the future to hear a story of the past. The reader will love, befriend, and discover a person of true courage and strength while tasting the bitterness of death and loneliness. The reader will laugh, love, and cry with intense passion and mystery that go far beyond the mere telling of a life; it is the discovery of ourselves and our own insecurities.

Come and take the shared journey…

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Thomas steps on the literary stage not as a newcomer, but as a fiction author writing under the pen name of E. Motketsan. Enjoying moderate success with novels such as ‘Logo’, ‘While in Pursuit of the Perfect Ballad…’, and ‘An Unfinished Ballad’, he continues to drive his characters through life’s most difficult moments, always asking the tough questions. Never forgetting his Christian roots and family values, he ponders the magnificent debate between science and religion. While coping with family losses brought by cancer and multiple sclerosis, Thomas tackles life’s pain and unanswered questions through a maze of turns and dead-ends, while journeying across roads not often traveled.

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